Gujarati Screen and Stage Awards on 17 February

MUMBAI: The Transmedia sixth annual Gujarati Screen and Stage Awards 2006 will be held on 17 February 2007 at the Andheri Sports Complex in Mumbai.

Says Transmedia managing director Jasmin Shan, “The Gujarati language, its literature, culture, values and music are fast disappearing within the younger generations of Gujaratis living in Mumbai and overseas. These awards are an effort to recognise the Gujarati language. I also plan to organise a workshop on cinema technology in Ahmedabad for the benefit of professionals in the industry, as this is the 75th year of Gujarati cinema. I will also be holding a film festival in four cities in Gujarat, where 35 Gujarati films will be screened in a week.”

The event will be telecast on the Zee Gujarati channel on 3 March 2007 at 9.30 pm.

Ashok Anchan

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