Harward Ent’s film on Devdasis ready


MUMBAI: Harward Entertainments has completed the shooting of its maiden venture Pranali – The Tradition, a hard-hitting film based on the life of a devdasi. The story depicts the life of a poor village girl married off to a village deity and then condemned to become a prostitute. The film is scheduled for release in March or April this year.

The girl in the story is born in a small village on the border of Karnataka and Maharashtra . Her childhood is yet untouched and full of pure innocence but she falls prey to the downtrodden system of our society of being a Devdasi.

She inadvertently becomes an object of desire – the one with whom the so-called highly respected and well-known people of the society could suffice their hunger for lust. At one point she conceives and decides to give her child the life and education of the well to do. This decision is not taken well by the ‘respectables’ of the society.

The film depicts the dark facts of Pranali’s life and unveils forbidden truths of the known and so-called respectable people in the society. Along with grooming her own life, Pranali moulds the lives of other fallen women and gives a new definition and direction to their otherwise meaningless lives.

Pranali has been produced by Nikhil Mathur, who heads the Harward Group of Companies, which has varied interests in various corporate fields including financial engineering, fund managements, investments and securities.

The film has been directed by Hirdesh Kamble and cinematography is by Najeeb Khan. Also, singer Kailesh Kher turns music director with this film along with Paresh and Naresh. After Devdas, Pandit Birju Maharaj will be advising on a tandav dance in this film.

Nargis, of Garam Masala fame, plays the title role along with Upendra Limaye, Raman Trikha, Sudha Chandran, Dippsikha and Vinay Apte.