HBO to premiere comedy flick Norbit


Mumbai: HBO is all set to add more fervor to its month long celebration of comedy blockbusters with the premiere of the Academy Award nominated comic flick Norbit starring Eddie Murphy in three different roles.

During an impossibly adverse childhood being raised at the Goldon Wonton Restaurant and Orphanage, the nerdy Norbit (Eddie Murphy) is rescued on the playground by Rasputia (also Murphy), an obese gal who wields a mean right hook.

The mismatched pair become boyfriend and girlfriend and eventually husband and wife. But many years of misery later, Norbit meets the woman of his dreams (Thandie Newton) and must find a way to get away from Rasputia without being permanently incapacitated.

Norbit was nominated for the Best Make-up Achievement category in the Academy Awards 2007.

The film will premiere on HBO on 25 April at 9 pm.