HBO to premiere King Kong in Hindi

MUMBAI: HBO will air an exclusive and one-time premiere of dubbed Hollywood mega blockbuster King Kong on 13 May 2007 on the occasion od on Mother’s Day.


Launched as the Blockbuster of the Month in January 2007, King Kong is the highest rated English movie of 2007 on Indian television, till date with a TAM rating of 1.32 (TAM 5 metros, CS AB 15-44 yrs). King Kong was also ranked as the top prime time movie of the day on 26 January 2007.


King Kong is the story of a gargantuan ape from the skull island who falls in love with a novice actress. When a disheartened film director Carl Denham (Jack Black) decides to renovate his sinking career, he decides to flee to a far-flung island along with playwright Jack Driscoll (Adrein Brody) and a struggling vaudeville actress Ann Darrow (Naomi Watts). The schematic director wants to go to the Skull Island that is rumored to be inhabited by a humungous ape. He believes that this monster could clinch the blockbuster he so badly needs. On reaching the island, Ann falls into King Kong’s trap. The initially terrified Ann gradually becomes empathetic towards Kong and a bond is established.