HomeShop18 ties up with Drona for movie merchandise


Mumbai: Makers of Drona – Rose Movies and Eros International – have entered into an exclusive tie up with HomeShop18 to sell merchandise of the film through the virtual retail format. The movie, which has been directed by Goldie Behl, is a blend of action and fantasy. Homeshop18 is the only virtual retail player in India that will be selling the merchandise for Drona.

HomeShop18 will air special promotions on the channel for all its viewers to view and buy the movie merchandise. Earlier this year, HomeShop18 had partnered with Love Story 2050 to sell its merchandise through a half hour show

The Drona merchandise available on HomeShop18 will be available for customers to buy. Shoppers will have the option of paying cash on delivery. Merchandise includes the following three products:

Bully Zapper: This is a wrist band with a button to throw a strong light beam. It has two variants and is made up of child safe recyclable plastic. The toy projects light with a slide and background of the Drona sword. The zapper is priced at Rs 249.

Drona’s Sword: Drona, the warrior in the movie, has used this sword to protect the eternal circle of life and death. This sword relates to the brave character of the movie and emits both light and sound. The toy sword is priced at Rs 375.

Magic kits: There are three varieties of magic kits including mystery shockers, magic busters and mind busters. Each kit further has five different varieties of games. The kits are priced at Rs 149 onwards.

Talking about the tie up, HomeShop18 CEO Sundeep Malhotra said, "This tie up is the second such tie up that HomeShop18 has entered into in the past three-four months. Movie merchandise ties up nicely with our channel content and customer needs. While at present movie merchandise is a small business in India, it is our estimate that this will grow rapidly as more and more big budget movies come out with their merchandise. Where HomeShop18 can make a big difference to this emerging market is in taking the merchandise to a large audience with our nation-wide footprint."