Hrithik upset with Mid-Day

MUMBAI : Hrithik Roshan who came forth supporting Aamir Khan on the Narmada evacuees issue, is extremely upset with the eveninger Mid-Day. The actor claims the paper’s reporter has quoted him out of context, implicating him in a political debate. He said he had never quoted any political party.

“Those opposing him have failed to understand Aamir’s point of view,” the actor said and added, “You know what’s ridiculous? So many haven’t understood what Aamir is trying to say. He’s not against the dam, he is concerned about the rehabilitation of the people who’d thereby be homeless.” Hrithik said he decided to speak up now, as earlier he was busy with an action sequence for Dhoom 2. He also assumed “the matter would end in Aamir’s favour as the absurdity of it all was so obvious.”

“I haven’t yet spoken to Aamir on this. I don’t feel Aamir is becoming a victim to politics. One is a victim only when one succumbs. I am sure Aamir will fight it till the end” quotes Hrithik.

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