‘I don’t have any big plans as a producer’ – Juhi Chawla


    MUMBAI: Juhi Chawla is proud of her role in Onir’s film – I Am Megha, where she plays a Kashmiri Pundit returning home to a litany of dark memories.

    “I thoroughly enjoyed my six days of shooting in Kashmir. Earlier I had been in and out of the Valley for one day for my Punjabi film. They recognized me and Manisha Koirala and made us feel very welcome. There was some sign of militancy when one day our shooting was stalled because something had happened at the location. But most of the time I just focused on enjoying my character and the location. I left the stress to Onir and the crew,” says Chawla.

    The actress agreed to be an executive producer on Onir’s project at the eleventh hour. “They were running out of funds. So I spoke to my friends. They agreed to hop on as producers on condition that I also join in. So here I am. But that doesn’t mean I have big plans as a producer. Like I said, it isn’t wise to mix friendship with business. And Onir is someone whom I really bond with. In many ways he’s so much like me.”

    Chawla also has another film coming up. “It’s an animation film for children called Hum Krishna Hain. I took it up because I feel a deep connection with kids. I’m happy with whatever work I’ve done. Life has been kind to me. Yes, there are sorrows but they are a part and parcel of the package deal.”

    The actress’ voice trails off as she remembers her golden days in the movies. “Something always held me back from letting myself go on screen. I never lost my inhibition. Maybe if I had, I’d have been more successful. I still am that way. I won’t let my two children watch even my favourite film Hum Hain Rahi Pyar Ke because it has an awkward moment. I’m scared they’ll say, ‘Mom,what is this?’ Nope, can’t take the risk,” she says with a giggle referring to the fleeting touching of the lips with Aamir Khan.