“I have always loved films” – Sajid Khan

"I have always loved films” - Sajid Khan

“I have always loved films” – Sajid Khan
Mumbai: Film maker Sajid Khan, of "Heyy Baby", "Darna Zaroori hai" and "Housefull" visited Digital Academy – The Film School to share his experiences with students of Cinema.

He commenced by talking about his personal journey where he spoke about his obsession about watching films and owning the best Home Theatre money can buy…. they did go through a lot of financial problems… He spoke about his love for new film related technology especially the latest home theatre at his home and said that he lives in a home theatre…

Speaking about his personal life, he shared that the reason he has not got married is because he cannot love another human being more than Cinema. He did have a few relationships.

Sajid mentioned that he rather make a film which is given no stars by the critics and is a box office hit rather than make a film that gets appreciated by the critics and is a commercial flop. When he was a critic, he always criticized films as a viewer.

He said that the greatest high he had experienced was when his film “Housefull " ran for many weeks. He said that for a Director, there is no greater high than seeing the audience enjoys his/her Film.

He advised students never to download movies from the net because it kills the experience of watching it from an original DVD and also it is unfair to the Producer and the industry.

Speaking about Actor’s, he said Today’s Actors are very professional and committed. They are looking forward to doing good work and building a brand for themselves by working with talented Directors.

Sajid said that shooting on the set is the easiest thing to do. The difficult portion is the planning, which is very time consuming and the most important thing any Film Maker should do.

The film school Director Kartikeya Talreja said that it was wonderful knowing the first hand experience of a film Maker especially from a man who is so obsessed and passionate about Films.