Cash scores over Gandhi My Father in India


    MUMBAI: Irrespective of the critics’ reviews and audiences’ reactions, Adlabs’ Cash has surpassed Eros Internationals’ Gandhi My Father, as far as the Indian box office is concerned.


    While Gandhi My Father grossed Rs 28 million (Rs 2.80 crore), Cash grossed Rs 160.3 million (Rs 16.03 crore) in the opening weekend.


    In India Gandhi My Father and Cash released with 148 and 713 prints respectively. Thus making the average return per print to Rs 1,89,189 for Gandhi My Father and Rs 2,24,824 for Cash.

    With Yash Raj Films’ Chak De! India up for release this week (10 August) one has to wait and watch which movie will sustain itself at the cinema halls.