Chak De! India gets high on cinema activation


MUMBAI: The cinema activation space is gaining more momentum and prominence with film producers. Now, Adlabs in association with P9 Integrated is planning high scale multiplex promotion for the soon to be released film Chak De! India.


P9 Cinema Activation deputy general manager Abhijeet Thakar says, “The cinema space is seen as the most effective medium to reach out to people. The concept is becoming more popular by the day. So, in order to increase interactivity with the audiences, we are building goal posts across multiplexes in seven cities and 10 locations to promote Chak De! India, a film themed around sports.”


The concept of cinema activation is still in its initial stages in India. The possibilities that the cinema space offers are varied and innovative. P9 Cinema Activation consultant Tristam Ferrao adds, “In the west the cinema activation involves 3D advertisements and tailor made cinema ads. Though we have clients in India too who are waking up to the possibilities of cinematic ads, but it’s still a budding concept in here.”


In the coming time, cinema activation is slated to become the most sought after space for promotional and marketing activities. Research suggests that multiplexes provide more exposure to brands than television commercials (TVCs) as people love to spend time in multiplexes than watching ads on TV.