ICICI Bank’s new TVC makes Shah Rukh Khan reflect


Mumbai: ICICI Group Global Private Clients’ (GPC’s) new TVC features Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan in an introspective mood wherein he touches upon the successful Indian’s desire and drive to excel.

This TVC encapsulates the way in which ICICI Group GPC positions itself as a trusted advisor demystifying an elite client’s stated/ un-stated needs and constantly strives to fulfil them.

The key insight behind the ICICI GPC advertising campaign is that a successful individual is not driven by wealth or power. S/He is propelled by an urge that is so powerful and unique that it can not be defined, it can only be experienced. The upmarket look and treatment of the film is indicative of the many layers and facets of the client that ICICI Group GPC endeavours to demystify and serve.

Khan is a true representation of its clients, who are extremely successful and leaders in their stream of work.

Speaking at the launch of the TVC, ICICI Bank executive director V. Vaidyanathan said, "Our objective is to be our clients’ most trusted advisor. Our experience with this client base has helped us understand that these individuals are not just financially evolved but also ‘driven’ in nature and their needs may or may not be overtly stated. We understand this and hence are best equipped to work with their agenda in mind and design solutions for their specific needs. The TVC aims to establish this."

The target group for GPC is male, age 30+, SEC A++, having upwards of $1 million net investments with ICICI Bank. He is ‘successful’, not ‘on the path to success’.

The energy and innovation, which Khan represents coupled with his popularity both in India and abroad, made him the ideal choice for ICICI’s brand ambassador, particularly as the Bank makes its global forays.

The TVC opens with Khan seated in his study, wondering what exactly it is that drives him. His musings evolve into a passionate monologue, which he concludes by declaring that the human drive cannot be understood, it has to be felt. He says, "Is it the obsession to be unique, the desire to be second to none? I don’t know what drives me. I can’t explain it, but I can feel it. When I walk under the lights, when the camera comes on, I can feel it. Every moment I live." The ad ends with the message and tagline, ‘ICICI Group Global Private Clients: Life on Your Terms’.

The campaign has been created by Draft FCB Ulka. Haresh Moorjani and RMV Simha have worked on the creative side of the campaign.

MindShare Mumbai has created a media plan targeting this top-end audience. It is using niche TV channels in a mix of genres like business, news, movie and infotainment channels including NDTV, CNBC, STAR Movies and The History Channel.

Though it’s a TV driven campaign, print is being used sparingly – only business, sports and general news publications. The print campaign, too, features Khan in his study, with each ad carrying a different phrase, like ‘Things happen when you listen to your inner voice’, ‘Leaders are led by their instincts’, ‘For men who dream with their eyes wide open’.