Dhoom 2 game to cost Rs 40 million

MUMBAI: The Indian gaming industry and Bollywood both are on the rise. Taking advantage of this, FXLabs Studios has signed an exclusive agreement with Yashraj Film Studios to develop a PC game based on the popular action thriller Dhoom 2.

The game is estimated to be of a budget close to Rs 40 million (Rs 4 crores), and will be made available to the consumers at a cost between Rs 600- 900.

Yashraj Films CEO Sanjeev Kohli said, “Gaming is fast gaining acceptance among our target audience and this is the first time an Indian movie is being extended into a game. Dhoom had become a favorite film with youngsters and Dhoom 2 has gone a step beyond. The Dhoom 2 videogame will feature characters from the movie as well as all the action and excitement our fans have come to expect. FXLabs was the obvious choice for us when we decided to move into this exciting new medium. The talent and experience that they bring to the table is unmatched, and their passion for this project shows in the quality of their work.”

Under the working title “Dhoom 2″, FXLabs has begun development of the game and expect to complete it by the end of 2007. This game will reach out to all audiences who are avid Dhoom 2 fans as it is the natural extension of the sequel in the virtual screen.

The game will feature likeness of characters from Dhoom 2, including Mr. A (Aryan) Jai, Sunehri, Ali and Shonali and many more. Each character will be faithfully recreated in full 3D and will be brought to life by the FXLabs team of talented programmers, artists, and animators.

FXLabs Studios CEO Tony Garcia said, “We at FXLabs are extremely delighted and privileged to be working on this exciting new project with Yashraj Films. Their commitment to excellence only serves to make our jobs easier as they continue to deliver some of the best and most highly anticipated films in the country. For the Dhoom 2 videogame, we aim to tap the rapidly growing consumer market in the sub-continent as well as the broader international market for Indian content.”

FXLabs and Yashraj Films will be working closely together to ensure that the characters and theme of the movie are intact and in coherence with the actual storyline.

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