Dhoom:2 is about great stunts, great looking people and great bodies’ – Bipasha Basu

You play a cop in Dhoom:2. Your look in the film is very pleasant and different. Tell us more about it and whether you relate to it? 

I play Shonali Basu who is a cop. She is the kind of person who hangs around with boys and so the toughness of the cop had to come through. Also I do have all the stunts that a cop can have.


I>I absolutely relate to the look. The cop could not have many frills and fancies when she’s at work, though she’s an attractive woman. So she wears a lot of denim, racer back vests, which are black, white and military colour, cargoes. She wears a jacket when she is with seniors or giving a presentation.


However, she is not like a typical Indian cop with her hair tied up in a knot and dressed in plain clothes. I coloured my hair black for this particular role. My hair cut too is different, medium length with a side parting and a severe sharp cut.


Even the makeup was very minimal. As a cop it had to be very basic, yet very glamorous, because Dhoom:2 is a film, which talks about styling and good looking people.


Your bikini scene in the film is most talked about. How was your experience shooting for it?

I did my bikini shot in Durban. I cannot ever forget that! Shooting in a bikini is not easy. It’s not about being conscious, it’s about the fitness level you have to reach. Three days of eating oranges, working out thrice a day, going paranoid about whether ‘I am fat.’ It’s difficult working out so many times a day and not eating when everyone’s gorging on food.


I did not want to look very oomphy. Instead I wanted to look athletic. I wanted to be a Cameron Diaz and not Pamela Andersen.


Whenever other girls have shot in a bikini they are basically rolling on the beach or some such thing. But I think I will give due credit to my director and the team who have shot me in the bikini, I think it’s athletic and very youthful, and looks like I am comfortable wearing it, not ‘oh wow!’ I can proudly claim that it’s not a cheesy shot.


What do you think is the driving factor in Dhoom:2 that will compel the audience to reach out to the theatres?

Dhoom:2 is a youthful film. It’s an action comedy and I think worldwide people like action comedies. It’s about great stunts, great looking people, good styling, great bodies, good music, beautiful locations, first time locations like Rio and South Africa. I think Dhoom:2 is a package entertainer and one can’t really go wrong with a film like that.


It definitely isn’t a thought provoking film. But surely one will want to be a little healthier, little more stylish after looking at the people in the film. Anybody who is young and thinks young will like Dhoom:2. You don’t have to actually be 14 years old to like something. Anybody who is young at heart will like Dhoom:2.


Much attention has been given to Aishwarya and her look. Did that leave you being ignored?

No, I think the attention is very adequate and right, because Ash has never experimented with her looks in such a drastic manner. She is always seen as this Indian girl wearing Indian clothes and she always excels through that in her ‘Indian-ness’.


For the first time you see her in short skirts and bikini tops and a tanned look, I would say wow! It’s a required change and it’s a very positive thing, she is really looking hot, so why not?


I have worn western clothes, the look is different for me, but not so visually different. I have not been wearing sarees in all my films; I have been the western girl, so that’s why she’s more talked about. Anyone who talks about D:2 or anybody who is talked about in the film is great.


What do you think of the Dhoom:2 music as compared to Dhoom? Please share you experience of lending your voice for the song ‘My name is Ali’.  

Dhoom’s original soundtrack was fantastic. It was a rage, which picked up. Our music is very good but I always feel that the audience has to identify with the picturisation. I think the track ‘Dhoom Again’ is fantastic with the kind of music that has been put. The original song has been adapted very nicely in a completely different manner.


I have only said words for the song ‘My Name is Ali.’ One can’t call it singing… there’s a long way to go for that. I have a very husky voice to sing. But this is definitely the first time I have done this bit. 


Are you more at ease with action adventure films like Dhoom:2 as opposed to typical Hindi film song and dance?

I think I have reached that stage of life where I want to do everything. I have had to force myself to get comfortable with the Bollywood song and dance routine because I couldn’t identify myself with it. But today I do understand that the essence of Bollywood is ‘naach gaana’. Nonetheless with time we are changing and trying to do different kinds of things and Dhoom:2 features there.


I am a very adventurous person and very athletic so definitely this kind of film is more fun, it’s not like a job but Bollywood ‘naach gaana’ for me is a job. But Dhoom:2 is not tough. I am in sync with it because the clothes that I wear and the styling I have in the film are very much me. Since I have been a model I am very comfortable and can adapt to any kind of styling so I don’t hesitate.


Have you seen Dhoom? What did you think of the film?

I generally do not watch any film more than once, but Dhoom was a film that I saw four times in a span of 15 days. I thought the film was an entertainer; it’s about stunts, style, good looking people, good songs etc. It’s like The Fast and the Furious. It’s a fun flick, so I loved it totally.


Do you think D:2 can outdo the success of Dhoom?

I don’t like to ever judge a film before its release. You can’t. And I can only hope because it’s my film, it definitely has a lot of visual delight. D:2 is going to be a lot of fun to watch. I just hope people like it. You can’t outdo your own branding.


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