‘If Dhoom was about speed & adrenalin, then Dhoom:2 is twice as high in energy’ – Uday Chopra

Ali was earlier seen in Dhoom and now in Dhoom:2 as well. So how has Ali’s character grown over the course of the sequel?

Ali is like the North Star – always constant no matter what situation he is in. So I didn’t really have to do anything differently because Ali is a character that doesn’t really change.


He is the same innocent, funny, smart, happy-go-lucky kind of person no matter where he goes. According to him if he is not in Nagpada then all he knows is that he is somewhere else – so be it Goa or Rio, Ali is totally comfortable wherever he goes.


Now since he is a cop, instead of giving him the same long hair we cut it short, but at the same time retained the bandana. He doesn’t wear jackets anymore. So all in all Ali has gone through a change in look but in essence he is still very much the same.


Dhoom ended with Ali turning a new leaf and becoming a sort of right hand man of a cop. So will you be a cop in the sequel or back to your con ways?

In this film he has now become a cop because he did turn over a new leaf in the last film. So he does continue to don the mantle of a cop and he is very proud of being one but besides that everything else in his mind is pretty much the same.


How would you assess the music of Dhoom:2 as compared to Dhoom?

The music of Dhoom:2 is much bigger than before. By bigger I mean it’s much more punchy and massy. Almost every song has been treated in a grand scale.


I can’t decide between the two albums because I loved the first one too. But I will say that if Dhoom was about speed and adrenalin, then Dhoom:2 is twice as high in energy.


On the whole do you think Dhoom:2 as a movie can outdo the success of Dhoom?

It better! Dhoom:2 is definitely bigger than Dhoom. There is much more in Dhoom:2 than what one got in Dhoom. I think it should blow the first part right out of the ballpark.


Dhoom:2 was tougher to make and not just for me, but for the entire crew too because it has a lot more in it. There are so many different locations, much more action and many more characters.


But that’s just what I hope for. Come 24 November, we will all know what happens.


There has been a buzz about Dhoom:3. Will the audiences see a Dhoom:3?

That’s a good question, but I’m really the wrong person to ask this question to. I think you need to redirect it to Mr. Aditya Chopra. If he decides there will be a Dhoom:3 then it will. However currently there is no activity towards it. But it is a distinct possibility.


The starcast of Dhoom:2 is bigger than that of Dhoom. Did you have any apprehensions of getting lost in the crowd of Hrithik, Aishwarya, Abhishek and Bipasha?

Well if I get lost in this crowd then it is a pretty distinguished crowd to get lost in! Honestly, it’s not about me getting lost in a crowd. It’s a film and the film is about the characters of these five people so if the character is strong it will stand out.


We have seen so little of you except Neal ‘N Nikki. Why aren’t you signing more films?

I’ve always said that I rather do no work than do stuff that I don’t enjoy. I’m probably not really in a position to be picky and choosy but I can’t see myself doing things that don’t excite me.


As far as work is concerned there is plenty, but the stuff that I want doesn’t come to me and I don’t want to do the stuff that comes to me.


The only producer who seems to cast you is Yash Raj. Do you ever feel that in a perverse manner, the industry has not given you your due, simply because you are the son of Yash Chopra?

I don’t believe that the industry has not given me my due. Here talent speaks for itself. I will not use the excuse of being Yash Chopra’s son as a means of justifying why other producers have not cast me.


If I am good I will get work. If I haven’t got work outside Yash Raj, I will have to prove myself and get what I deserve. Whatever the future of my career may be, it’s in my hands to do what I want to, and not in my surname.


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