Don does it right with brand placements

MUMBAI: While yesterday, we spoke about the product placements in Sajid Nadiadwala’s Jaan-E-Mann, today we have a dekho at Farhan Akhtar’s Don. The latter is a perfect example of brands fitted well in a film. All the brands that are present in the film have been carefully selected and incorporated with the look of the film.


Since Shah Rukh Khan is the main lead of the film and endorses many brands, some of his brands were roped in by default.


Tag Heuer’s Monaco 69 watches, which offers a dual display mechanical and digital, was the first to make its presence felt in the film. The limited range of 150 watches carries Shah Rukh Khan’s signature on the digital side of the dial. This possession is priced at Rs 305,000.


Next to follow was another brand endorsed by Shah Rukh – Compaq. The ‘Don’ has has been shown using a sleek white Compaq laptop in the film.


Motorola’s Motorazr V3I and Motoslivr also did their debut cameos in Bollywood with Don. These phones suited the look of the film appositely. “All the cell phones used in the film are Motorola,” informs Mates India CEO Darshana Bhalla, who has coordinated brands in DonA point worth mentioning here is that the Motorola cell phone has been used in various shots by the actors of Don without really going overboard. Incidentally the brand ambassador of Motoslivr is Abhishek Bahchcan.


Along with Motorola, other brands associated with the film include Oakley and Louis Philippe. They too have marked their debut in Bollywood.


On the other hand, the eye-gear in the film has been sponsored by Oakley but surprisingly one doesn’t see a flash of the brand name. “Oakley is a premium lifestyle brand and their shades start with a price range of Rs 8,000. Their positioning in the film was not to flash their name but to make the actors look classy,” explains Bhalla.


Talking about the association of Louis Philippe Bhalla adds, “All the suits worn by all the actors in Don have been sponsored by Louis Philippe.”


Moreover, since the film has been extensively shot in Malaysia, it has also tied up with Malaysia Tourism Board and an audio visual of Malaysia is screened before the film starts in theatres. 


Actress Kareena Kapoor does a cameo in Don. Although she is a brand ambassador for many a brands, none have been roped in the film, like in Shah Rukh’s case. On the other hand L’oreal has used clipping of the song ‘Yeh Mera Dil’ in their new TV commercials to showcase sensuous Kareena.


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