Jaan-E-Mann picks pace with audiences

MUMBAI: After a not so good opening, Salman Khan, Akshay Kumar and Preity Zinta starrer Jaan-E-Mann collections have swiftly picked up due to word of mouth publicity and the Eid celebrations.


Over the weekend, the movie opened to approximately 30 per cent collections but the scenario is completely different now. The film has opened to a 100 per cent collection in Dubai and also record 130 per cent collections in a theatre in Jodhpur on Tuesday.


“The movie had a good response from the audience, so we had to put extra seats in the theatre and that’s how we gathered 130 per cent collections,” says a source from a theatre in Jodhpur.


Incidentally, it was in the city of Jodhpur that Salman Khan was battling the black buck case in the court.


In a theatre in Meerut, the film had 50 per cent collections on Saturday, but the tables turned on Tuesday when the film had 90 per cent collections. And if this was not enough, on 26 October Salman’s fan club in Meerut will be participating in a procession, which will head towards Nandan Theatre for the 2.30 pm show.


After a week opening at the box office it is a rare case for the collections of a film to pick up so drastically. While certain sections of the audience applauded the film, there is also a miniscule section to whom the film hasn’t appealed.


Speaking exclusively to Businesofcinema.com, Jaan-E-Mann director Shirish Kunder says, “The language of the film is new. The style of filmmaking may be a little radical for people to understand but it’s just a matter of time. If not now may be a few years down the line everybody will realize. I am in no hurry.”


He further adds, “I cannot predict the future of Jaan-E-Mann because I am a director and not an astrologer. I can hope for the best. The acceptance of this venture will definitely help me to realize some more imaginative dreams in the future.”


When asked about his “imaginative dreams for future” he says, “I feel it’s too early to pay an obituary to Jaan-E-Mann. As long as I am alive, I will keep making films I believe in and someday the world will get it.”

Rohini Bhandari

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