Katputhli all set for release on August 18

Katputhli Executive produced by Bro & Sis Productions and directed by Sanjay Khanna is now being readied for release on August 11th. The film stars Milind Soman, Mink, Yukta Mookhi,Sameer Dharmadhikari, Seema Biswas, Sudhanshu Pandey, Mukul Dev and Vikaas Kalantri in key roles. The film is presented by Sahara One Motion Pictures.

Punnu from Bro & Sis Productions is excited at having completed the film, which is his debut venture as a producer. “Katputhli is today’s film. It is a psychological thriller with surprising and chilling twists and turns, which guarantee to keep you on the edge of your set. It is an out and out entertainer, which will also drive your blues away. Let me tell you in advance that “Katputhli” isn’t at all a murder mystery though I should concede that it
was a tough challenge for both my sister Mink and I to get this project going.”

Katputhli was shot in various places in the country like Hyderabad, Goa and Mumbai in a span of 45 days. Accordingto director Sanjay Khanna, the film sets out to drive home the message perhaps for the first time in the annals of film history that even if you have negativity within you, you are still a human being. He adds. “You tend to
be bad if you want something good for yourself because you are after all human.”

It was after Mink had acted in Oops with Deepak Tijori
as the director, that Punnu suggested to her that they should form a production company and launch a film under their
own banner. Says Punnu, “The ultimate kick for me has always been to take up creative activities. I have written
the script as well as the screenplay of Katputhli and have had a big hand as far as music for the film is concerned. We chose Sanjay Khanna as the director because we needed a person with no ego problems.”

Mink and Punnu assert that the idea to launch their own film
didn’t stem out of their need to cast Mink or for that matter Punnu as actors in their own projects. Says Mink "Katputhli was launched only because we feel that the Indian audience
is today ready to do accept new things as far as Cinema is concerned. Though I do intend taking up direction of one of the films that our company may produce, I will always be part of our production venture as a producer and actress.”

Punnu and Mink have an ambitious plan of making at least 3 films
in every two years. “We are happy that our maiden venture as a producer- Katputhli has shaped up very well.
It is generally the director’s version but as far as Katputhli is concerned, it is a vision of both Sanjay Khanna and Punnu because without consulting Punnu who has not only written the script as well as the screenplay of Katputhli, but also co-produced the film in tandem with his sister Mink.

Punnu feels that it is the script which is the king today as far as Cinema is concerned.”People who ask me why
I chose to cast actors like Milind and Yookta in my film because they are not saleable, seem to live in a state of
Utopia. Because films like Page 3 and Iqbal have clicked like nobody’s business in today’s times. I
do not mean to say that there is no star value. Even today if you announce a film with Shah Rukh Khan as the leading man, you will be able to sell the film instantly without any hassles. However the fact also remains that today stars
do not guarantee success. If there was star system, Shah Rukh Khan’s Paheli and Swades ought to have clicked at the box office in a big way. Isn’t it?”

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