Krrish rushes faster than Superman

Indian superhero Krrish will be rushing to the Indian screens more faster than its Hollywood counter part Superman. Rakesh Roshan’s Krissh was to hit the Indian screens on 30th June but on the same day was the world wide release of Hollywood’s Superman Returns.

Superman Returns is releasing in India in four versions – English and dubbed Hindi, Tamil and Telugu. Krissh too is to be released in its dubbed Tamil and Telugu versions along with its original Hindi version.

Both these Superheros are shown to be possessing super powers and there is a likely saturation of their themes. Not to leave any stone unturned to ensure success for his son, Rakesh Roshan has preponed his film’s release to 23rd June. Krissh has managed to win its race to the screen faster than Superman Returns but only time will decide who will last longer.

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