The Official Web site of Rick Arroyo is now Available

Rick Arroyo now has an official Web site for fans to go to to check out Rick’s latest calendar of events. How to book Rick Arroyo for your next event. Having a wedding, corporate event, convention, jazz festival, live concerts, any occasion parties, salsa dancing, or any occasion that needs that special sound that only Rick Arroyo can bring to your next event.

Rick’s site tells you how to purchase his latest CD “ON FIRE IN THE DESERT” and you can read up on his Bio or go to his photo page or click on the link to CD and listen to samples of Rick’s latest CD “ON FIRE IN THE DESERT” and much more.

Whether with a trio, quartet, quintet, or full 10 piece orchestra Rick will provide Afro-Cuban Jazz, Contemporary Jazz, Jazz Funk, Straight Ahead Jazz, for dancing and for listening. “Music is the universal language and should be shared with everyone around the world.”

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