Krrish to go to Harvard

Mumbai: It’s a known fact now that Krrish is the first Indian film that has managed to gross a record Rs 1.2 billion in its first two weeks of release, but apart from that it has managed to achieve a rare feat.

Indian Institute of Management in collaboration with the Asia Case Research Centre, University of Hong Kong and Harvard Business Case Clearance House has chosen Krrish for their case study. Harvard University has sent a letter to Rakesh Roshan requesting him to allow them include his Krrish in their syllabus.

Having achieved the rare honour of being the first Indian filmmaker to be receiving this honour, the prolific producer director sounded very excited sharing this news with us. He said, “This is a very big achievement. If in my 30 years of experience in this industry I have been able to contribute this then I think I have done India proud.”

Rakesh Roshan is ballistic.”They are not just going to study the making of my film, but Krrish as a whole. What they also want to include in the syllabus is how I did the entire business of my film. Compared to Hollywood films, my expensive Rs 450 million film is a small budget film for them but yet at par with their cinema. Krrish shall now be taught in IIMs as well as in B-Schools across Europe, Asia and Latin and North America. The case study shall be released to the world through the Harvard Case Clearance House, USA,” he rattles off all in one breath.

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