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MUMBAI : Gracy Singh is one of those fortunate few faces from the small screen who have made it to the big screen, with not just an appearance but also roles which are still talked about. Her films like Lagaan with Aamir Khan, Armaan with Amitabh Bachchan and Anil Kapoor and Munnabhai MBBS with Late. Sunil Dutt and Sanjay Dutt, Gangaajal with Ajay Devgan have won her much acclaim.

Gracy Singh has been there, done that. But in recent times she has been absconding. She has been astray from the limelight for a long time now. Smiling and rather diplomatically she says, “I don’t miss the limelight at all. I am happy even at this point. I do not regret the decisions that I ever made.”

Would she want to turn back time and change anything? “Everything! I would want to change everything beginning with Lagaan. I have been my best critic at all times and how I wish I could look better and perform better in all my films.”

From being an ace Bharatnatyam dancer to acting in television soap Amaanat and doing big banner films she has now tried her hand at singing. “Yes I have sung a song in my film Chanchal, and not once but twice. The first time I sung it, it got scrapped so I had to redo it. I had to do an aalaap in the song so it was really challenging for me.”

Chanchal is a woman oriented film. Gracy plays the title role in the film. “This film is really very important for me and my career. It is like my comeback film. My career graph started from the opposite direction with an all time high. Right now I am at a stage where it is still evolving. But I’m sure it will not end at the point where everyone else’s graph starts. I have always put in my best efforts and given good performances, but the result is not in my hand.”

This damsel from Delhi has had a rather close look at life in the entertainment industry. From opportunities to success to disappointments and being portrayed as a snob she has seen it all. “I don’t know why people have this perception of me that I am a snob. I have not harmed anybody at any point. My reserved and shy nature has been misunderstood by one and all. I am not a very friendly person and don’t mingle with everybody, so people think I am snobbish.”

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