Lage Raho Munnabhai releases after strenuous conflicts with multiplexes

Lage Raho Munnabhai had to undergo delivery pangs due to the autocratic behaviour of multiplexes. It was challenging for Shringar Films who released the film in Bombay with 218 prints and 88 DLP prints.

However, on the day the film was to release, all multiplexes barring PVR and Wave Cinemas in Noida agreed to the terms of the producers and released the film. If reports are to be believed the admission rates in some cinemas are said to be as high as Rs 350. By the weekend, Balkrishna Shroff of Shringar Films is hoping that all the multiplexes will screen the film.

PVR Group’s Ashish Saxena says, “We have around 70 screens across the country and we are not screening the film in any of our multiplexes.”

PVR is planning to open more multiplexes in various cities by Diwali. On the other hand, Movie Time’s Lalit Kapur is also gearing up to open two multiplexes in Delhi during the Diwali period. For Lage Raho Munnabhai, Kapur agreed on a 48 per cent revenue sharing in the first week, 38 per cent in the second and 30 per cent in the third.

Sanjay Dalia from the Cinemax Group said, “We have committed 48 per cent share to Shringar in the first week.”

Now let’s have a look at the first day’s collection of the film in Mumbai. Eros in Churchgate recorded 100 per cent collection in its three shows (Rs 1,44,000); Maratha Mandir (Grant Road) in its three shows managed to collect Rs 1,00,219 against the capacity of Rs 1,00757; Pinky Cinema (Andheri East) collected Rs 63,840 from four shows against the capacity of Rs 1,01,308 (63.01 per cent). None of the shows were houseful. The collection at Cinemax (Versova) was disappointing. It collected Rs 52,349 from four shows against the capacity of Rs 1,04,000.

The other film that released on the same day as Lage Raho Munnabhai was Jaane Hoga Kya?, which is based on human cloning. The film finally managed to hit the turnstile this week after a period of six years. Actor-producer-financer Raam Mishraa moved into distribution with this movie. Except for Nizam, he had acquired the all India rights for the film. He released approximately 80 prints including DLPs.

After a hiatus of two years, small time Bombay distributor Anupam Dhruv is back in the reckoning and is handling the bookings for the Bombay circuit where the film has opened with 27 prints. G.D. Mehta from Ginni Arts (Delhi-U.P. circuit) is positive because of Bipasha Basu and Preeti Jhangiani and will be releasing the film in these territories. In Nizam, where the film was released by UTV, it took a dismal start. To add to its woes the prints arrived late and the shows were delayed.

No shows were houseful. In Bombay, Chitra cinema collected Rs 11,583 in three shows against the capacity of Rs 70,395. Kamran (Kurla) proved to be a saving grace for the film where it collected Rs 25,002 against the capacity of Rs 40,372 in four shows. In Movie Star (Goregaon) against the capacity of Rs 22,400 the box-office collection was Rs 14,858 (matinee: Rs 3,090; first show: Rs 3,808; second show: Rs 2,980 and last show Rs 4,960).

Ekta Kapoor’s Bhojpuri film Hum Bal Bramhachari Tu Kanya Kunwari opened at Super and Navrang in Bombay to good responses.

Venus’s Aap Ki Khatir directed by Dharmesh Darshan has had a dismal start all over. In Bombay the film collected Rs 35,40,561 from 36 cinemas (48 per cent). Thane collected Rs 1,43,336 from one print (42 per cent). Ahmedabad collected Rs 28,52,849 from 12 cinemas (55 per cent). Delhi grossed Rs 62,61,076 from 19 cinemas (32 per cent).

From Noida the box-office collection was Rs 8.60 lakhs from two theatres. Lucknow collected Rs 10,68,599 from four cinemas. Allahabad collected 40 per cent collection from one cinema (Rs 75,605). In Jalgaon, the film managed to collect Rs 71,247 from one print (56 per cent). Ajmer in Rajasthan grossed Rs 1,99,980 from 29 shows from one print (63 per cent). Bikaner collected Rs 1,02,967 from one print. In Kolkata it grossed Rs 20,73,660 from 10 prints (68 per cent). Hyderabad Rs 20,20,533 from seven cinemas (65 per cent). Vijaywada Rs 83,997 on one print (45 per cent) and Chennai fared poorly at four cinemas. At Jaya Prada cinema in Chennai, the film was given for Rs 2 lakhs. However, out of 28 shows, 16 had to be cancelled due to lack of audience. Such was the pitiable state that the film did not even manage to collect Rs 50,000.

The Sandwich was at the receiving end at the end of its first week. Bombay collected Rs 5,38,968 from 17 cinemas (18 per cent). Ahmedabad Rs 1,77,517 from seven cinemas (21 per cent). Delhi Rs 2,06,458 from two cinemas (13 per cent). Ghaziabad Rs 63,934 from one cinema (26 per cent). Aligarh Rs 49,700 on one print (30 per cent). Indore Rs 32,668 from four cinemas (26 per cent). It ran for a week at Jalgaon and Bhopal. Jaipur Rs 90,000 from 20 cinemas (31 per cent). Hyderabad Rs. 4,02,779 from four cinemas (30 per cent) and Chennai Rs. 46,000 on one print.

Mahaarani ran for one week at Bharat (Bhiwandi) in Bombay.

Ahista Ahista ran for two weeks in Bombay. In the second week, Delhi collected Rs. 1,22,963 in five cinemas (56 shows).

Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehnaa was not encouraging in its third week. Bombay Rs 50,08,928 from 37 cinemas (42 per cent). Thane Rs 10,13,944 from 8 cinemas (42 per cent). Ahmedabad Rs. 17,09,304 from 8 cinemas (52 per cent). Delhi managed 39 per cent collection from 15 cinemas (Rs 45,68,025). Noida Rs 8,59,623 from 2 cinemas (45 per cent). Lucknow Rs 5,92,226 from 3 cinemas (52 per cent). Allahabad Rs 1,27,633 on 1 print (31 per cent). Indore Rs 4,06,894 from 5 cinemas (42 per cent). Bhopal Rs 1,21,600 on 1 print (31 per cent). Jaipur collected Rs 10 lakhs from 5 cinemas (48 per cent). Kolkata Rs 30,97,548 from 13 cinemas (46 per cent). Hyderabad Rs 9,78,087 from 4 cinemas (60 per cent). Chennai collections remained undisclosed.

Anthony Kaun Hai? in its fourth week collected Rs 76,313 from 3 cinemas in Bombay. Delhi fetched Rs 17,160 from 1 print (7 shows).

Shaadi Karke Phas Gaya Yaar ran for four combined weeks at Naaz and three others cinemas.

Omkara in its fifth week in Bombay collected Rs 11,98,495 from 22 cinemas. Delhi collected Rs 6,51,235 from 5 cinemas (70 shows).

The Killer ran for six combined weeks at Krishna (Bhandup) and 2 more cinemas of Bombay.

Golmaal-Fun Unlimited seventh week Bombay total collection were of Rs 6,52,902 from 19 cinemas. Entered eight week at Capitol and other cinemas. Delhi collected Rs. 2,73,597 from four cinemas (total 56 shows)..

Corporate (eight week) total collection of Rs 1,21,137 from 7 cinemas. Entered ninth week at New Empire (daily 1 show).

Krrish in its 10th week collected Rs 5,05,816 from 7 cinemas in Bombay while in Delhi it managed Rs 3,46,225 on 1 print.

Fanaa in its 14th week collected Rs. 63,584 from 4 cinemas in Bombay.

Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge in its 567th week Maratha Mandir (mat.) Bombay collected Rs 37,795.

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