Imran Khan turns masseur on the sets of Break Ke Baad

MUMBAI: Actor Imran Khan seems to be donning various hats of late.

This time round, it’s that of a masseur!

It started on the on sets of his upcoming movie Break Ke Baad. Khan had to give his co- star, Deepika Padukone a foot massage, for a scene in the film and it was the best foot massage that Padukone had ever got. After that there was no looking back for Khan.

Whenever they had a long schedule or anyone’s feet were hurting while on shoot, Khan turned masseur and came to the rescue.
The entire unit of Break Ke Baad queued up to get a foot massage from Imran.

Break Ke Baad directed by Danish Aslam releases on 26 November and even if the film does not manage to break the box office records, Khan need not worry because he has an alternate career to fall back on!!