Imran Zahid prepares to play Muntazer Zaidi


MUMBAI: It’s time for Jharkhand actor Imran Zahid to take his stage role of Iraqi journalist Muntazer Zaidi, who hurled a shoe at George Bush, to the screen. While another actor will play Muntazer in the international version of the bi-lingual in Hindi and Arabic, Imran plays the role in Hindi.

Speaking on the film Imran tells, “The film will be in Arabic and Hindustani. It will be shot in Lebanon with an international crew. Mahesh Bhatt and Muntazer will co-write the script. The film will be directed by a well-known Middle Eastern director. It will be shot entirely in Lebanon and will be in Arabic and English with subtitles.”

However Mahesh Bhatt, who will be co-scripting the project is at the moment keen on giving priority to the Arbabic version of the story.

Says Bhatt, “The film will be made in Arabic. We’re going to get a director from Iraq. It has to be a filmmaker who has lived through those times. The Arabic version will decide the fate of the Hindi version.”