Naseeruddin Shah’s knee injury hinders his dancing & fighting


MUMBAI: Naseeruddin Shah needs to get fighting-fit for a new role. In Hriday Shetty’s action-caper Chalis Chaurasee, earlier titled Special Waaley, Shah plays a conman posing as a cop with three of his colleagues Atul Kulkarni, Kay Kay Menon and Ravi Kissan.

And for the role Naseer needs to do a lot of action sequences. Sadly, his knees are not listening.

Shah’s vigorous dance practice to get his steps as the 1970s’ Tamil star in Ekta Kapoor’s Dirty Picture came to a bumping and grinding halt when the ageless actor’s knees gave away.

Apparently Shah was determined to make the steps enormously vigorous. Says a source, “During the dance practice the role model for Naseer’s steps was the frenetic dance movements of Rajnikanth.Naseer was game, as he always is for new challenges. In spite of his legs warning him  against over-doing the latkas and jhatkas amidst the matkas Naseer just went on  and on pushing himself through the great big challenge of looking authentic as a Tamil matinee idol in the 1970s. There came a point when his knees just gave way.”
Naseer sportingly admits his spirit was willing to do the twirls and gyrations. But the flesh was weak. “I forgot I was 61. I over-did it. My knees have given way. I’ll now have to wait until they’re fully fine before I start my dancing again,” Shah tells

But dance, Shah will for sure. “Oh yes! I will get those steps right. The last time I danced was for Oye Oye in Tridev and I was not fully happy and satisfied with my dancing. In Tridev, it was the song that worked in my favour. This time I want to really dance,” he adds.

For that the actor will have to wait for his knees to obey his dancing command.