Indian Academy Of Dramatic Arts starts operations in New Delhi


    MUMBAI: Indian Academy Of Dramatic Arts (IADA), has started its operations in New Delhi and is all set to provide the NCR a complete range of acting courses catering to the different needs of Indian film & television industry.

    The academy, which has been started by known actor Pradeep Kharb, will have various Film and TV actors as guest faculties including veteran actors like Vidya Sinha, Ravi Jhankal, Vinod Tharani along with director Ashwini Choudhary. TV star Cezanne Khan will also be on the guest faculty.

    IADA will have two courses of 6 month and 1 year duration, which will focus on the various present-day requirements of the industry, thus preparing greenhorns for the road ahead.

    Kharb says, “We plan to introduce students with different schools of thoughts with regard to acting, and let them choose the one he/she feels is most suitable for him/her. Anybody who enters the entertainment industry wastes his/her best years understanding the industry, and is prone to making mistakes. Most of them do a lot of damage to their careers by trusting wrong people. IADA will always be there for its students; whether it’s finding work, negotiating remuneration or taking important career decisions. IADA will make sure that its students don’t waste their time, money and effort and concentrate on stuff which they know the best — Acting. IADA doesn’t guarantee success, nobody can, but it can definitely improve your chances to achieve success.”