Indian Idol -1 to act in movies

Mumbai :Sony’s first Indian Idol, Abhijit Sawant is now donning a new mantle. He will play the male lead in Rakhi Sawant’s brother, Rakesh Sawant’s movie.

Titled as April Fool, will star alongwith five beautiful models in the Rs. 1 million film which will be canned in Bangkok.

The film is produced and directed by Rakesh Sawant under the banner of Jaya Films. This is second film as the director. His first film Hot Money recovered Rs. 10 million (Rs. 1 crore) on an investment of Rs. 80 lakhs.

Rakesh Sawant was on his way to Bangkok. “The news is true. I’m going to Bangkok today to scout locations. I will also look out for tie-ups. The film will roll soon.”

Will Abhijit Sawant sing in his films? “Of course. Possibly he will sing all the songs for male voices.”

Johnny Vaz & Ashok Anchan

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