International case study on Krrish now


Mumbai: The Indian Institute of Management, Indore intends to make an International Case Study on the making of 2006’s biggest blockbuster – Rakesh Roshan’s Krrish. It will be taught in IIMs as well as in B-Schools across Europe, Asia and Latin and North America. The case will be released through Harvard Case Clearance House, USA. The research of the first case study — international business strategies: a case of Krrish will be carried out by IIMI director S P Parashar and IIMI assistant professor (International Business) Prashant Salwan.

Dr Prashant Salwant of the IIM, Indore has informed Rakesh Roshan that the Institute in collaboration with Asia Case Research Center, University of Hong Kong and Harvard Business Case Clearance House has decided to make the case study of Krrish in the area of Media & Entertainment regarding international level case study from India for world viewers.

Rakesh Roshan had agreed to comply with their request. “I’m honoured. I feel it is a great privilege that my film has been chosen for an International Case Study.”

“There are a lot of educational elements in the launch of Krrish,” Dr Parashar and Dr Salwan said. Dr Parashar said the making of Krrish had several unique elements concerning international business strategies — including international value addition by shooting 60 percent film in Singapore and international and domestic marketing.

Besides, the Singapore Krrish tour and a unique model of international distribution were worth studying.

Dr Parashar said Krrish had ready lessons in international value creation including two basic strategies for value creation and attaining competitive advantage — low cost and differentiation strategy. The value creation strategy involved identifying and taking steps for lower costs besides differentiating the firm’s product by offering superior design, quality service and functionality. Product differentiation was achieved through location economies, cost economies, leveraging of core competencies and subsidiary skills and product customisation.

Dr. Parashar added that the case will weave all the related elements into an educational story for the benefit of management students. The research will help international and Indian students learn about the implementation of the best management practices, global management of business, global factor of production, leadership as well as devising new management strategies regarding industrial marketing, global competition, global penetration and market capitalization.

The IIM, Indore was unanimous in short-listing the film as one of the first Indian movies which has the capability of an international level case study. Thus, Krrish is one of the few movies that have emerged from third world countries to create a brand called India and propagate the style of making Indian cinema. The case study is captioned – `International Business Strategies- A case of Krrish’.

In order to achieve world-wide reach, the case study will be released through the Asia case research center, university of Hong Kong and the Harvard business case clearance house. The IIMI has been working for the last one year to devise case studies on Indian multinationals, an area of study currently upcoming and virtually devoid of any case studies available.

Two management case studies on the Aditya Birla Group were being prepared, while more were underway covering Mittal Steel, Infosys, Crompton Greaves, Wipro, Videocon, Esselpropack, Amul, Dr Parashar added.