Meera wants to spread love in India

Mumbai: The actress named Meera has learned the hard way that for some people in Pakistan, kissing a Hindu in an Indian film involves crossing more lines than just the one at the border.

Meera, who has starred in more than 56 Pakistani films, since her start in the movie business in 1996, is no stranger to steamy scenes. Pakistani films, like Indian ones, are rife with suggestive song-and-dance numbers in which the heroine, sometimes wrapped in a wet sari, delights her audiences with provocative, hip-thrusting moves.

“I am here to spread love and peace amongst the audience and the people of India” says Pakistani actress Meera. Right now I received a call from my mother from Pakistan saying that there was a bomb explosion in Pakistan too. I am leaving for a press conference to Pakistan. She was worried and asked me to come. I feel sad that such incidents are taking place where millions of innocents are being killed and for what purpose. I was glad that there was an understanding developing between the two countries, I don’t know who is involved in it but whatever is happening is not right for both the countries. If I cannot succeed in developing relationships between the countries I will make sure that in future my children will fulfill this mission” says the actress.

Meera who made her debut with Mahesh Bhatt’s Nazar and Rajeev Babbar’s Kasak suddenly disappeared from the Bollywood scene. “I didn’t disappear. I just went for my work. I was in London shooting for the Lux ads and then I went to Australia . I was also in Pakistan shooting for Iqbal Kashmiri’s Chandramukhi. There was also a survey on the best model in Pakistan and I won 99 per cent votes. I am an icon there” she says.

Speaking about her career in the film industry Meera adds “Yes I lost four to five projects due to the gap but I am back and will soon begin work not on one but three projects. There’s Mahesh Bhatt’s Akelapan, Neeraj Sahai’s Simran and another film with Feroz Khan. I am also listening to many story narrations. I love India and aim to completely concentrate on Bollywood now. Inshaallah if God forbids I want to get married in Bollywood and have children. I want my children to act in Bollywod” reveals the actress from Pakistan.

When quizzed whether she was going to accept the role in Feroz Khan’s Qurbani the actress smiles and says “The Pakistani Government has pressurized me into not accepting the film. Let’s wait and watch. Maybe if Akbar Khan intervenes, the misunderstandings can be cleared”

When asked regarding the controversy on the Indo-American film Rocking Meera containing sequences from her real life. “No one has the right to make a film on my life. Only director Mahesh Bhatt will be doing a film on my life, if ever he desires to do so. I am planning to produce a film now. The script has been penned by Javed Siddiqui. I have not decided on the other cast and crew but am planning to approach Emraan Hashmi, Abhishek Bachchan and Ashmit Patel for the lead roles” she says.

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