Omkara – 70 percent opening in multiplexes in one day

Mumbai: Director Vishal Bhardwaj’s Omkara is due for release on 28 July. The marketing of the film thus far has been very aggressive, but has that translated into a good opening at theatres and multiplexes? Well, to some extent, yes.

Cinemax, Versova is holding nine shows of the film. The booking for Friday is 70 per cent, 65 per cent for Saturday and 60 percent for Sunday. This includes booking at the ticket windows, tele booking and internet booking, informed Girish Wankhede, PR Manager, Cinemax.

The advance booking of the film opened on Wednesday in the multiplexes, and in just a single day the film has received approx 60 – 70 percent opening. So there is more scope for the film to receive an even better booking response on Thursday and Friday.

Rajendram Akula, Asst. Marketing Manager, Imax Adlabs agrees and says “There is a trend of bookings picking up only on Friday in our multiplex, hence so far the opening is not strong. But I am sure it will pick up.”

The advance booking in single screens opened on Monday to a terrific response. Manoj Desai owner of the G-7 group of theatres Mumbai says, “Omkara has a 100% opening at Gaiety theatre for Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The balcony seats for Monday are also full. I am expecting it be the same for the next weekend as well.”

So far so good and all are hoping it gets better with the time. Word of mouth publicity is what all seem to be relying on for the success of this film. In fact, Vishal himself had said that the subject of his film is such, that word of mouth publicity will be a great tool in creating curiosity amongst the audience.

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