Kunal Kohli’s next release in 2008

Mumbai: Director Kunal Kohli’s debut film Mujhse Dosti Karoge released in 2002. Two years later, in 2004 Hum Tum came. Again, two years later, in 2006 Fanaa released. Well can we expect something from him after two years in 2008? “Yes, I am writing a script right now and I will be ready with it by 2008”, says Kunal.

Is this two years gap lucky for him? “Well, not lucky. I just like to take my own time, sit peacefully and make a movie. There is no point in rushing.”

A few days back news was that Kunal has opened his own production company. Now this film to be released in 2008 is going to be its first baby. It will be produced and directed by Kunal Kohli. But that does not mean his years long association with Yash Raj Films is out of the picture? “No. Yash Raj Films will support my production house in a big way. They will finance, distribute and market my film.”

What the subject of his film is, its title, its star cast will be revealed later, says Kohli.

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