RockyCast: Zayed Khan, Isha Sharvani, Minnisha Lamba


Director: Suresh Krishna


Producer: Shyam and Narendra Bajaj




Rocky is what Bollywood does best – an action film with an angry young man as the hero. He is a rebel… a man who revolts against injustice and like all rebels is shut up by dominating parents. Rocky (Zayed Khan) seeks revenge after his girlfriend (Isha Sharvani) has been killed. But he is packed off and sent to Old Blighty.


Another girl (Minnisha Lamba) becomes his muse and weapon. With some breathtaking stunts and action (now a commonality in many films), Rocky revolts and takes revenge.


The film’s cinematography is exceptional and holds the film along with its action. Rocky is not a bad film but could have been much better. Zayed does well in a lead role, while the women adorn the frames well. The music has nothing much to offer as the versatile Himesh’s nose seems blocked with repetitive scores.


The film has an average chance of doing well at the turnstiles. The film, with high pitched violence, music as well as emotional decibels could well cater to the cacophonic overtures of the front benchers. The producers of the film benefited from their earlier film Aksar because the music was a huge hit and there was lucky boy Emraan Hashmi in it.


Note: The film does not have anything in common to Sanjay Dutt’s debut movie of the same name that got him noticed.

S. Ramachandran

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