Is Vivek Oberoi dating Vidya Balan?


MUMBAI: Now this is straight from the gossip mills. Vidya Balan met Vivek Oberoi at a common friend’s house and the two hit it off so well, that now, Balan and Oberoi are dating each other. The dosti is so deep that Balan has become a frequent visitor to the Oberoi household.

A friend of the actress said, “It was at designer Shabina Khan’s house that the couple met. Shabina is a close friend of Vidya and is her chosen designer. And so is Vivek a buddy of Shabina. And when the two met, sparks started flying. Then the two began meeting at Film City as they were shooting on floors close to each other. But it is too early to comment on their relationship.”

And the person who is heaving a sigh of relief at this news is Bipasha Basu. Bips was not at all comfortable with the idea of beau John Abraham working with Balan in Chenab Gandhi after the duo got too close during the making of Salaam-e-Ishq. But Abraham, according to a close friend of the couple did not want to lose out on a film that was being produced by Sanjay Leela Bhansali. A lot of tension was in the air, till  this new romance developed between Oberoi and Balan.

So, are we going to see this couple sign a couple of films together to keep the romance alive? Like Deepika and Ranbir, Kareena and Saif and many other couples, perhaps spending time together on and off the sets can see this pair make their move towards the altar…