Shah Rukh Khan shoots for Kolkata Knight Riders video


MUMBAI: Shah Rukh Khan braved the almost 40 degree temperatures as he shot for the Kolkata Knight Riders video in Mumbai’s Film City. Shooting at the helipad area of Film City which is sans any shade, the actor followed the pace set by director and choreographer, Farah Khan.

Shah Rukh said, “The initial plan was to shoot the new video at the conditioning camp in Kolkata. But because of the venue being shifted to South Africa, we have had to make do with this shoot in Mumbai. Likewise, the video will have minor changes. There will not be a new video this year.”

The video will now have an African feel and the music has also been tweaked to keep it in sync. Known for her crisp shooting schedules, Farah completed the shoot within a day. Shah Rukh Khan will now leave for South Africa on the 14 April for the inaugural ceremony, which will take place on the 17 April. The actor said, “I will not be able to accompany my team throughout the tournament, but I will fly out a couple of times and stay there for longer spells.”

The second season of the Indian Premier League kicks off on 18 April and will culminate on 24 May.