Italian pirate P2P site shut down

MUMBAI: Infringing peer-to-peer (P2P) hub known as Discotequezone in Italy has been shut down after a series of raids by the Fiscal Police (GdF).

Assisted by the Federation Against Music Piracy (FPM), the Fiscal Police raided several locations in Italy, targeting five servers and four heavy uploaders which were involved in sharing more than 600,000 pirated music tracks daily through file-sharing platforms contributing to losses in excess of US$1,000,000. Eleven people have been charged with copyright infringement, reports say.

The police crackdown led to the seizure of 16 computers, 27 external hard disks and more than 1000 DVD-Rs and CD-Rs with a total of more than five terabytes of copyright protected works. More than 195 individuals have been criminally prosecuted for illegal P2P distribution in Italy since 2005.

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