The Killer dies a premature death in Dubai

Mumbai: Mukesh Bhatt’s last week released film, The Killer has been banned in Dubai. Objections had risen in Dubai against the way the Dubai Police had been portrayed in the Emraan Hashmi starrer. These objections further lead to a ban on the film in Dubai.
We spoke to Mukesh Bhatt, Producer, The Killer about the controversy surrounding his latest release. Expressing his displeasure, defending his film the producer told us, “The Dubai Censors have already cleared my film and the audiences there are loving my film too. It is just a nice entertaining film. I don’t understand why these bureaucrats are interfering.”

When asked whether the harsh decision has been taken because his film shows the Dubai Police in bad light? Mukesh Bhatt denying this charge says, “I have not shown Dubai and the Dubai Police in any bad light. I am very much sure that these so called bureaucrats have banned my film without even seeing it.”

The Killer was shot almost entirely in Dubai. So, shall he after the controversy surrounding his new film be shooting any of his future films in Dubai? Bhatt is livid, “Why just me? In future every filmmaker now shall think twice before shooting their films in Dubai. It is a bloody fascist place!”

Not long ago, objections were raised against Ram Gopal Varma’s film Sarkar in Dubai. The film had a scene where a shooter is hired from Dubai to kill Amitabh Bachchan who plays Sarkar in the film. There was a dialogue in the film which refers to the shooter as an Olympic gold medallist. Incidentally the Olympic Gold medallist in shooting is also from Dubai and hence the sportsmen in Dubai had called for a ban on the film.

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