Vivah is based on a real life incident’ – Sooraj Barjatya

Can you tell us something about your forthcoming film Vivah?

Vivah is a story of courtship period between a rich boy from Delhi and a middle class girl from Madhupur. It is about marriage – an institution that binds two individuals into a bond that is sacred, pure and eternal – a commitment for life. Vivah is a heart-warming story of a commitment of unconditional love for life.


Is the audience willing to watch a film based on marriage when most youngsters today are questioning the institution of marriage? 

A film like this is necessary in today’s times so that one retains the freshness of their courtship even after their marriage. Every maker should make what he believes in and can only hope that the audience appreciates it.


When Rang De Basanti was made, who would have thought Bhagat Singh’s story would have been told so beautifully and that people would accept it in such a manner? Earlier people would enquire about the starcast of the film and accordingly watch films or make their ticket booking. But now times have changed as people also ask who the filmmaker is.


Vivah may have come at a time where youngsters are questioning the institution of marriage but I have very subtly tried to convey the sanctity of marriage.


Is the subject of Vivah based on a real life story?

Yes, Vivah is based on a real life incident. It was in a news print out that my father read 14 – 15 years ago. It was very tough for me to weave it into a story.

After Main Prem Ki Diwaani Hoon released and didn’t fare well at the box office I went to my father and asked him to give me a subject. So he gave me this story idea and told me that this will help me bounce back as a director.


The songs of Vivah haven’t become very popular with the audience and don’t sound very foot tapping either. What is the reason for that?

None of my films except Maine Pyar Kiya had popular music. In fact, while I was recording songs for Hum Apke Hain Kaun everyone told me that nobody wants to listen to bhabhi-dewar songs now. But I used those songs because they suited the mood of the film. Now look how popular these songs became!


Similarly in Vivah too, the songs are traditional folk and classical because Amrita’s character belongs to Madhupur and suits the character and flavour. Similarly there are little western elements as well because Shahid’s character is that of a Delhi upper middle class boy. Moreover it’s high time that melody comes in.


The audience has been seeing the character Prem in all your films. Why is he so pertinent to your films and how did you think of this name for the character?

During Maine Pyar Kiya, 15 – 20 years back, I was sitting with Salman Khan and we were contemplating a name for his character in the film. That’s when we thought we should name him from a hit Rajshri film. Our biggest hit was Nadiya Ke Paar wherein the characters name was Chandu, which we definitely couldn’t name Salman in Maine Pyar Kiya. Our next big hit was Dulhan Wahi Jo Piya Mann Bhaye wherein the character’s name was Prem and that’s where Prem became my character, which has been used till date in all my films.


I use Prem in my films because I think Prem is a boy of today’s times and has today’s value and the audience can relate with him.

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