Jackie Shroff to sue for defamation caused by leaked video


MUMBAI: Jackie Shroff whose colourful expletives in a video leaked from 1998 on the internet gone viral, is taking legal action. An aunt abuse in Marathi has specially caught the nation’s attention.

Jackie who initially laughed away the “archival oddity” as “someone out to have fun at my cost” has decided to take serious legal action.
Speaking from outside Ajmer Sharif where he has gone to shoot K C Bokadia’s latest creation, Jackie says, “I thought I’d just ignore it. If someone out there gets his 15 minutes of glory by using my name so be it. After all these are not words and phrases that are alien to us. We’ve all grown up hearing and using them. And if anyone wants to act holier-than-thou about them then then that’s their problem.
Jackie grievance pertains to the sneaking and underhand way the video was out. “Why after so many years? It’s mischievous and uncalled-for. Friends have advised me to sue. I don’t know how internet crimes are dealt with. I’m going to consult my lawyers as soon as I return to Mumbai.”
Jackie however is not apologetic about using the language that he did. “I remember we were working under very taxing conditions to shoot this social awareness campaign for polio. I wasn’t getting my lines right, so I got annoyed. And I let loose some colourful language. I do that when my work goes wrong. When I was dubbing for Vidhu Vinod Chopra’s ‘Parinda’ Sanjay Leela Bhansali was an assistant. I used the same aunt expletive. Bhansali was aghast. He asked Vinod what I meant. But no offence meant. And no apologies offered. However If you use my face and words  to create an unnecessary tamasha it’s time for me to take action. Otherwise ten other people may be encouraged to behave badly with me.
Jackie is currently shooting K C Bokadia’s political thriller ‘Dirty Politics’ near Ajmer Sharif. It stars Jackie, Atul Kulkarni, Om Puri, Anupam Kher and Ashutosh Rana.
Says Jackie, “It’s a comment on presentday politics. Boakadia Saab is directing the film. I had done Teri Mehebaniyan for the same banner  22 years ago. How time flies! It’s wondferful to be back working for Bokadia Saab.”
Jackie has worked with Atul, Anupam and Om before. “It’s wonderful to be reunited with them.They are are so talented.