Jannat 2 is an original script, not plagiarised: Emraan Hashmi


jannat 2

MUMBAI: A day before "Jannat 2" hit the screens, a Mumbai-based writer, Kapil Chopra, alleged that the story was his. Emraan Hashmi says the person hurling the charge is simply trying to draw mileage.

"It’s completely uncalled for and our conscience is clear. There are people who link their name with a film to get mileage out of it," said the 33 year old actor.

Presided over by Justice Dharma Adhikari, the hearing of the case took place on 2nd May. Apparently, Chopra had registered his story with the Film Writers Association in 2007. The script, says the writer, came in the hands of director Kunal Deshmukh, because it was narrated to him and bound copy was left at Bhatt’s office.
"We are clear that this is an original script, original concept by the writers, by the director, everyone. So let that person keep making noise, we don’t want to give them any attention," added Hashmi.

In the film, Emraan plays the role of Sonu Dilli K.K.C., a street-smart arms dealer. "Sonu Dilli comes from the streets of Delhi. They have a lingo, a way of talking and walking. The cuss words that we have used, we didn’t want to overdo them. It creates a world of the character," explained Emraan.
The film, directed by Kunal Deshmukh, also features Randeep Hooda in the role of police officer. Model Esha Gupta makes her Bollywood debut.