Juhi Chawla endorses new Kurkure flavour


MUMBAI: Juhi Chawla is at it again. The comic actress is all set out to tickle your funny bone with the latest commercial of the chips brand, Kurkure. And that too with a new flavour.


Chawla elaborates, “We were shooting at a sarson ka khet somewhere outside Gurgaon in Delhi. There was a packet of Kurkure and I started munching on it. I knew it was a new flavour, but could not remember what it was. The packet of Kurkure was lying in front of me, but it was not labeled. I kept munching on it trying to decipher what the flavour was… And after a few moments, I realized it tasted like rajma… just like the rajma one has with rice. It is really yummy, even if I have to say so myself.”


The new ad has got the actress to do something yet again. With a grimace, Chawla remarked, “This is the only company that makes me do the weirdest things on camera. For their chota packet, they actually wanted me to be seen as a dwarf. When I first read the script, I was shocked. Apart from Kamal Hasan in Apu Raja, which actor has done that, leave alone an actress. So changes were made and in this latest commercial, they wanted me to play a 60 year old woman. I once again immediately put my foot down. Changes were made, and I agreed to shoot for the revised script.”


Chawla has been keeping busy in the endorsement arena in the last few years. And she admits that she gets her acting highs by doing these 30 second commercials to tell a tale.