July film fiesta on Bindass movies


Mumbai: Bindass Movies will premier 17 Hollywood films on the Indian telly this July.

While the Will Smith-starrer The Enemy of the State premiers on 20 July, The Day After Tomorrow will screen on 6 July. Also in the line up are Shark Attack (23 July), Atomic twister (24 July), Deep Rescue (22 July), Maiden Voyage (21 July) and Starsky and Hutch (25 July).

While Sundays would have action pack films, Fridays would be comic and Saturdays will have exclusive premiers of hits like The Mimic Series (5 and 12 July), Hindalgo (27 July) and Final Encounter (26 July).

Also in store is the exclusive Ben Stiller special on 25 July. The entire day will be dedicated to his films–Duplex at 12.45 pm, Heavy Weight at 6:45 p.m, Starsky and Hutch at 8.45 pm.