Film: Kaafila


Director: Ammotoje Mann


Producer: Tony Sandhu and Ammotoje


Music Director: Sukhwinder Singh




Kaafila is the story of a group of people who are traveling illegally to UK. As it always happens they fall prey to an unscrupulous agent who creates circumstances that send them into hiding, somewhere in Eastern Europe for nearly six months.

Left to fend for themselves, they discover each other and themselves. After much hardship their journey resumes but this time at every step, death stares them in their face. Be it through the jagged jungles near Russia or the ship that hundreds like them are huddled into, the close knit group finds itself shrinking after each tragedy. Be it in the sinister snow or the sinking ship.

Now only 12 men out of this group have survived. They are from different communities and different countries. But the trauma of tragedies has created a strong bond between them.

In their effort to forge ahead closer to their dream, the innocent dozen finds itself trapped sometimes by the Russian mafia involved in the plutonium smuggling racket and sometimes by the militancy on the Afghan borders. Here they meet an Afghani girl who introduces them to the mysterious man of the mountains Sameer, enacted by the hero Sunny Deol. Sameer saves them from all attacks from friends and foes.

The Kaafila now believes that only he can be their deliverer. But as the story unfolds, taking the contingent, which started off from India, through Tajakistan, Russia and soon back to Afghanistan and Pakistan, doubts about the daring Sameer are raised.

Can they trust him any further? As the KAAFILA look for answers about the man whom they looked up to, the story unravels the most spell binding climax on the borders of India and Pakistan.