Film: Naqaab

Directors: Abbas – Mustan

Producers: Tips Music Films (Kumar S Taurani, Ramesh S Taurani)

Cast: Bobby Deol, Akshaye Khanna, Urvashi Sharma, Vikas Kalantri

Music Director: Pritam

Lyricist: Sameer

Releasing on: July 20, 2007


Our Film is a  Love Story.

A Love Triangle.

But Love Triangles are boring.

And Love Stories are dime a dozen.

So What’s unique about this story?

The uniqueness is the films Directors Abbas-Mustan.

And the Production House Tips Films.

Abbas Mustan, the men in white, would never make a straight love Story.

Hence to say that our story is a  Romantic Thriller, would be an under statement

Well coming back for the story, let us first tell you that it is based on the scenic locales of Dubai.

A girl called Sophie, from the middle strata of Society, meets a Guy Called

Karan, belonging to the upper echelon of Society. Opposites Attract;

Hence Sophie falls in love with Karan and gets engaged to him.

Comes guy No. 2 – Sunny;

He belongs to the girl’s strata of society.

Positives come close too.

Hence Sophie inspite of being engaged to Karan, starts falling for Sunny.

So What’s new about this story ??

The girl – Sophie has a past, that seems to be threatening her future…..

The guy – Sunny also has a past, that can jeopardise the girl’s future….

And the rich guy Karan, too has a gruesome past, that will..

If unleashed shatter all the three lives.

Besides, to top it all, there is a fourth element to the story…..

Who seems to be monitoring all the three characters.

Do you want to know more??

Well.. you will have to watch it in the theatres.