Kajri recreates rural women’s travails

MUMBAI: Debutant director’s film Kajri, a comment on moral degradation and the plight of rural women, is ready for release.

The film, produced by Jai Thakur, is based on a real life incident which took place a few years ago in Rajasthan.

Says Kazmi, “Kajri is based on a real life incident in Kadrava village of Bikaner in Rajasthan that took place on 4 February 2002 . Kajri (played by Arpita Singh) is the victim of local ruffians who spread rumours of having had sexual relations with her. Kajri’s reputation is tarnished. The matter is finally brought before the village panchayat. She has to prove her innocence by walking naked through fire, in front of the Devi Mandir. If she is innocent, nothing will happen to her by the grace of Devi Ma. If she has sinned, she will be burnt to ashes.”

However, in real life, a city based NGO intervened advising the Panchayat to desist from doing something that may subject them to criminal proceedings and go for a medical examination. Kazmi adds, “The film mirrors the horrific realities that are still in existence in rural areas. We are looking at sending the film for major festivals all over the world.”

Ashok Anchan

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