Kamlesh Pandey, Ben Rekhi launch screenwriting workshop


MUMBAI: Writer Kamlesh Pandey and Ben Rekhi have joined hands to form ScriptWalla, which is a network of screenwriters who believe that the foundation of great filmmaking lies in strong screen writing.

A 10 week workshop, ScriptWalla aims at nurturing 12-15 aspiring script writers who have the zest to bring fore quality scripts, which will then be presented to production houses. ScriptWalla will be conducted at Whistling Woods International from 2 June onwards.

Pandey said, "With great scripts rare in today’s motion picture industry there is often a shortage of quality films. Having the biggest stars in the world, the top director, the best choreographer and music director does not substitute a bad script, the film still falls apart. As audience’s low tolerance to bad writing; and approach to different genres increase, filmmakers and corporate houses are realizing the importance of producing films only upon the foundation of a strong screenplay."

Over the past year, Rekhi relocated to India to work on various projects. "Whether you work in Hollywood or Bollywood, everyone wants the same thing, to make great movies. And a great film starts with a great script. Working in the Indian film industry over the past eight months, I realize that the discipline of screenwriting is seldom taught or respected here. Kamlesh and I want to promote the craft of screenwriting on all fronts; in the classroom and in the industry, in hopes that the end product will deliver better movies for all of us to enjoy. As writers and storytellers, it is our duty to provide audiences with that quality of content," he added.

Pandey said, "We extend our invitation for the ScriptWalla workshop for any corporate executives who may want to enhance their learning and appreciation for the craft of screenwriting."

ScriptWalla.com is a site where writers can find, share and learn from one another, and together find ways to develop the craft; and a means to help foster more disciplined and organized relationships within the entertainment industry.