KANK registers almost cent percent opening!

Mumbai: The suspense over KANK is over. Karan Johar’s Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna was the only major film this week. It released to mixed reviews. The infidelity story was proving too hard to digest. It also comes as a surprise to see Amitabh Bachchan at age 64 as a playboy in the film. As the film had five aces, Amitabh Bachchan, Shah Rukh Khan, Abhishek Bachchan, Rani Mukherji and Preity Zinta, the film has taken a fabulous start by recording 90 – 100% collections all over. Cinema owners even claim that all their shows are full at the films’ first weekend.

KANK distributed in Bombay circuit (excluding Surat) by Yash Raj Film Distributors, opened with 157 prints, 37 UFOs, 20 DLPs and 12 E-City digital prints. As the film had opened to multiple and record number of shows in multiplex cinemas in all the major metros and overseas, the film will quickly recover its investment. The film could do with a bit of trimming. In Bombay, the film could not be opened at the famed Metro Adlabs, as the N.O.Cs were awaited to be obtained from necessary government bodies and the police. But it is hoped that everything will be sort out in a couple of days.

The other releases were a dubbed film Vijaypath – Ek Mission and a Bhojpuri one Saiyan Tohre Pe Naaz Ba.

While we are analysing the business of cinema lets celebrate Krrish. Rakesh Roshan’s Krrish starring his son Hrithik Roshan in the superhero role is celebrating its 50 days of run in Bombay and all over. The film is still being screened in more than 625 cinemas world-wide. Even the Tamil and Telugu prints released in South India are at par with the Hindi version. Yash Raj Film Distributors have released the film in Bombay are still playing the film at more than 25 cinemas with New Excelsior, Inox (1 show) and Apsara (1 show) as the main theatres.

Bharat Shah might be wondering, film release karke phas gaya yaar!. Unlike KANK, which also revolves around romance, marriage and then after, Shaadi Karke Phas Gaya Yaar featuring Salman Khan and Shilpa Shetty could not hold on its theme at the box-office windows. Everywhere in its first week it has registered below 50%. Bombay managed to collect Rs.10,80,000 from 5 cinemas, which is around 48%. In Gujarat like places from Ahmedabad, Baroda, Bhavnagar and others the film managed 36 to 40% collections. Delhi collected Rs. 18,35,036 from 4-odd cinemas, which turns out to be 23%. In U.P. too the film manage to cling between 43 to 52%. Noida Rs. 1,68,268 from 2 cinemas (48%). Gurgaon collected Rs. 1,49,871 from 3 cinemas (39%). Lucknow registered 49% from 4 cinemas (Rs. 6,01,876) while Ghaziabad collected Rs. 4,73,415 from 6 cinemas (52%), Meerut 43%, Moradabad 36%. The film did not released in C.P.C.I. Jaipur 2.65 lakhs from 2 cinemas (42%). In Hyderabad and Chennai the collections are not exciting.

The Munnabhai-Circuit team managed to do better with their second film. Anthony Kaun Hai? in its first week has recorded 60% plus everywhere. Bombay Rs. 86,75,431 from 38 cinemas (58%), Thane Rs. 23,79,344 from 17 cinemas (62%). In Gujarat: Bhavnagar Rs. 2,54,981 on 1 print (63%), Ahmedabad Rs. 28,35,635 from 15 cinemas (65%), Delhi Rs. 41 lakhs from 16 cinemas (45%) while in U.P: Lucknow Rs. 5,52,531 from 2 cinemas (60%), Noida Rs. 10,34,370 from 3 cinemas (63%), Gurgaon Rs. 11,43,503 from 4 cinemas (68%), Ghaziabad Rs. 12,00,319 from 7 cinemas (65%), Meerut Rs. 1,57,356 on 1 print (48%), Aligarh Rs, 1,80,000 on 1 print (51%), Allahabad Rs. 84,165 on 1 print (45%), Agra Rs. 1,50,469 on 1 print (43%), Faridabad Rs. 2,85,321 on 1 print (48%). In C.P.C.I. and Rajasthan the film fetched around 69% collections. In South too it rose above 50% collection.

The box-office doors did not open for Ram Gopal Varma’s Darwaza Bandh Rakho. In its first week Bombay collected Rs. 23,95,910 from 30 cinemas (36%), Thane Rs. 6,26,491 from 9 cinemas (41%), Bhavnagar on 1 print (14 shows) Rs.74,156 (31%), Ahmedabad Rs. 8,35,052 from 10 cinemas (38%), Delhi Rs. 6,56,361 from 7 cinemas (32%), Lucknow Rs. 2 lakhs from 2 cinemas (30%), Ghaziabad Rs. 2,31,818 from 5 cinemas (38%), Faridabad Rs. 1,73,265 from 2 cinemas (39%), Gurgaon Rs. 2,57,975 from 2 cinemas (41%), Noida Rs. 3,28,526 from 2 cinemas (45%), Indore 3,03,834 from 4 cinemas (36%).

The Shakespeare adaptation Omkara slips in its second week. Bombay Rs. 82,72,716 from 38 cinemas (53%), Gujara it is 35%. Delhi managed to collect Rs. 87 lakhs from 22 cinemas (50%) In parts of U.P. because of its language accent collected around 60 to 65%. In C.I.: Indore it collected Rs. 5,25,700 from 5 cinemas (63%); while in parts of Rajasthan: Jaipur collected Rs. 8.50 lakhs from 7 cinemas (58%) and Bikaner Rs. 1,01,244 on 1 print (31%). Hyderabad around Rs. 14,00,000 from 4 prints.

The Killer collected Rs. 3,715 on 1 print (14 shows) in Bombay . Delhi on 1 print Rs. 76,557, Lucknow Rs. 49,071 on 1 print. Hyderabad Rs. 67,611 on 1 print.

Yun Hota Toh Kya Hota.. What If? in its 3rd week with 1 print (daily 2 shows) in Bombay registered poor collections. Delhi on 1 print (7 shows) it fetched Rs. 83,738.

Dubbed film Samunder Ke Lootere entered 4th week in Bombay. The 5th week collections of Golmaal – Fun Unlimited slips further. Bombay collections were not disclosed. In Gujarat it collected 31%. In Delhi it collected Rs. 8,09,057 from 7 cinemas (43%), Lucknow Rs. 3.35 lakhs from 3 cinemas (56%), Ghaziabad Rs. 4,34,800 (62%), Allahabad Rs. 47,259 on 1 print (31%), Mathura Rs. 1,10,000 on 1 print (36%), Bareilly Rs. 14,779 from 1 print (26%), Faridabad Rs. 1,41,907 from 2 cinemas (36%), Indore around Rs. 2 lakhs. Jaipur Rs. 1,87,336 from 1 cinemas (51%). In Amritsar the film ran for 35 days.

Corporate collected Rs. 3,30,616 from 4 cinemas in Bombay. Delhi Rs. 2,00,000 from 2 prints. Krrish in its 7th week collected Rs. 10,37,617 from 20 cinemas. In Thane the total collection were Rs. 2,53,470 from 4 cinemas. Delhi Rs. 5,13,000. Lucknow Rs. 3,63,460 on 1 print. Hyderabad around Rs. 10 lakhs on 4 prints.

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