Kareena Kapoor inspires Zoa Morani to keep fit


MUMBAI: Kareena Kapoor is the inspiration behind newcomer Zoa Morani’s taut and toned look.
Morani, who makes her big Bollywood debut in Red Chillies’ Always Kabhi Kabhi was inspired by Kapoor and worked hard on achieving her look in the film. Morani was under the guidance of celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar who is also responsible for Kapoor’s size zero figure.
Diwekar says, “Zoa looks up to Kareena when it comes to fitness because she has seen Bebo eating and still maintaining a perfect body. In fact, Kareena is one of the reasons why Zoa wanted to achieve a fit body.”
Morani even went off salt entirely prior to the shooting of a song in the film where she was required to don sultry beach wear.
Says a source, “ Rujuta put Zoa on a sodium free diet before shooting for a song where she was required to don sultry beach wear. Though tough to keep to, Zoa was very dedicated and followed her diet to the T and completely cut out salt from her meals. Everyone who has seen the song can’t stop raving about how fabulous she looks in it”
Morani says, “It was very tough because I love food a lot, but the hard work paid off. So it was worth it.”