Kareena Kapoor is Bollywood’s first actress to dub for animation movie


Mumbai: Kareena Kapoor has just completed dubbing for Jugal Hansraj,s debut movie Roadside Romeo. Roadside Romeo is Yashraj Films animation film in co production with Walt Disney Studios.

"Before proceeding with the dubbing, Kapoor heard the story to understand the character that she dubbed for. Kapoor knew that it is her voice that will put across the emotions on screen. It was hard work but after watching the end result Kapoor felt all the efforts were worth it. She even saw Kung Fu Panda for which Angelina Jolie dubbed for," a source says.

Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan were roped in to dub for the main characters. Kapoor said, "It was fun dubbing for Road Side Romeo. It’s the first time ever an actress has dubbed for an animation film and since it was a first of sorts, it was particularly challenging."