Karishma Kapoor appointed brand ambassador for Priyagold


    Mumbai: Karishma Kapoor is the new brand ambassador of the Noida, U.P. based food company "Surya Food & Agro Ltd", known for Priyagold biscuits. This is the first time Priyagold has opted for celebrity endorsement since the TV personality Priya Tendulkar endorsed the biscuit for Indians ten years back. For Kapoor the product fits into her life seamlessly. She is a celebrity housewife, mother and concerned of the quality of what she and her family consumes.

    Kapoor will soon be seen recommending three products from the Priyagold stable – Butter bite, Butter bite badam pesta and Marie lite. The advertisements created are straight forward brand endorsement with no complicated storyline or special effects in the visual. The message to the viewers is clear.

    "We had been looking for a celebrity who can easily be associated with our product. In Kapoor we got that," said Surya Food director Shekhar Agarwal.

    "Priyagold biscuits are favorites in kids. I too have grown up eating these biscuits and like the taste immensely. In fact I agreed to endorse the product because of my personal preference for Priyagold products", said Kapoor

    The reason why the company has opted to keep the message direct and simple is the fact that such endorsements are easy to recall. Unlike other celebrity endorsements of similar products where film stars have been seen promoting biscuits, at the end of the day viewers fail to recall the product. Also Agarwal felt that biscuits are commodities and need to be promoted as such.