Katrina Kaif races with B4U VJ Salil


MUMBAI: In a fun interview with VJ Salil on B4U, Katrina Kaif lets herself loose. On the show Star Stop she talks about life and her forthcoming film Race. VJ Salil also brings out the comic streak in Katrina who in turn pulls Salil’s leg and makes him defensive.

Katrina talks about her films, her aspirations, and the sense of achievement. She also talks about luck, her weaknesses, and her conversation mirrors her honesty and unbiased view regarding her career.

She says, her equation with Anil Kapoor, who she says is also her best critic, is of great value to her as he is blatantly honest about her performances.

This is one show to watch out for where Katrina and VJ Salil are at a tug of wits. Tune in to B4U Star Stop on B4U Music on 13 March.